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Friday, September 01, 2006


Brontosauruses (not brontosauri) are pretty much my favorite kind of dinoasaur, I've decided. For three reasons: 1) They are tall like me; 2) They have long necks like giraffes, which are also tall like me; and 3) They are nice dinosaurs that eat plants instead of ripping the limbs off of other animals, like me. Jk about the last part.

I wonder if brontosauruses like soy butter pecan ice cream like me...I ate some today and it was quite delicious. Although it's still not good for you. Don't let the soy part make you think it's healthy, cuz IT'S NOT.

It is delicious though. Unlike Utah. Utah tastes like salt. And there are not enough gangsta people around. But my hair does dry faster, and my popcorn burns if I push the popcorn button on the microwave because it cooks faster at this altitude.

Despite the altitude, the sandman still comes, and he's after me.

(Psst!!! Scott!! How do you like it?)


Blogger sklobas said...

verrry impressive. Watch out for that Sandman - actually he's a friend, not a foe!!!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Frances said...

The sandman can be a dangerous thing. 'specially if he doesn't take the sand out of the bag first! :D

7:27 PM  

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