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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mental Processes

I'm sitting outside of the JFSB with a delicious lunch consisting of pasta and salad. As I eat, I check the time, and what-do-you-know, it's actually lunchtime. I haven't eaten lunch at lunchtime for at least a week, maybe even longer. This got me thinking about how my eating/sleeping/organizational habits have significantly changed since I moved to Uta (no h, they don't want it I hear).

I go too sleep at a different time every night. On the weekends its somewhere between 12am and 2am. Weeknights, between 10pm and 1am. I have taken one nap since I've been here. I eat when I am hungry, not at mealtimes. So some days I will eat around 11am and then not eat until around 8 pm. Other days I constantly snack (I tried to buy semi-healthy snacks, so at least I'm trying not to be completely unhealthy). My meals usually random things at the CougarEat, macaroni and hamburger, Campbell's soup, frozen burritos, various sandwiches, and pasta.

So I'm going back and forth between my amazing pasta and my computer, laughing at my weird friends...Apparently a small ant wandered into my food and I put it in my mouth (it looked just like a piece of basil!) and it freaking bit my tongue! I was thoroughly confused as to why a piece of my food had latched on to my tongue and was pinching it. I pulled it off and squished the poor thing, hoping that this ant hadn't ruined my ability to taste my wondrous lunch. Alas, he had not, and I enjoyed the rest of my lunch in peace.

12:49 pm. Book of Mormon at 1:00. I supposed I should be responsible and go to class. I highly doubt it would matter if I didn't go, except that I get 5 points for being there. This is not my favorite class for reasons which will have to be explained in a later blog.

Off I go.


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