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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thoughts and Observations of a College Student in What is Commonly Known as "The Wilk"

Approximately 11:56.30 am in the Wilkinson Center. Estimated temperature: 12 degrees Fahrenheit, excluding wind chill factor (yes, there is actually a breeze in here). Smells: Taco Bell, teriyaki, and ice cream.

When observing a college student in their natural habitat, one must be very cautious. If the observer's presence is known, the consequences could be fatal. These high-strung procrastinators are known to use only the most deadly of pick-up lines when they make eye contact with the opposite sex. I must remain unnoticed.

Two males are approaching. They sit down in front of me, and proceed to eat. Though one has an orange, his instincts will not allow for a completely healthy meal, especially at feeding time. He eats a large sandwich, while the other has only ice cream.

They begin communicating. One is under stress because he is enrolled in 16 credits (oh please). The one with the orange is now attempting to peel the fruit with a pen cap. Primitive indeed. He discusses lighting the orange on fire. What a fascinating display.

These two appear to be in the upper half of the hierarchy of the tribe. They discuss having freshmen around. Little do they know they are being astutely observed by one (insert evil laugh). I'm an amazing actress.

One just used a large word. Most likely he has been waiting to slip it into conversation all day. It is a common technique used to make the student seem more intelligent. Now that he has used the word successfully with another male, he may use it in conversation to attract females. Neither of these two have chosen a mate yet, and I highly doubt the use of a big word would help.

They stand up and leave, discussing the location of a building that I don't think exists.

Another wonderful lunchtime.
Off to class.


Blogger MustacheBoy said...

Hrm... typically the WSC is a freshman haunt, and yet they go there and talk about freshmen being around? They're either sophomores or something rather rude I don't feel like typing. Kudos on your apt analysis of ... insert synonym of choice that means using words pretentiously and starts with an A. I'm in an alliterative mood today.

10:30 AM  

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