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Sunday, October 29, 2006

2 Nephi 9:51

"...let your soul delight in fatness."

Another long night with the Jerman, AtP, and Roommates A and B (Roommate A may also be referred to as the Pygmy Scapegoat). It was amazing. "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is probably the worst movie ever, and it was wrong on SO many levels, but at the same time it was incredibly amazing and I totally loved it. Another glorious night and a plethora of awkward moments.

I need to confess something. I have been a freakin COW this weekend. Thursday--ice cream with the Jerman; Friday--pizza and fried cookies with the above peoples; Saturday--frosties from Wendy's; today--brownies, and later dessert at Grandma's. I hope I fit in my clothes this week.

What can I say? My soul delights in fatness.


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