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Sunday, October 22, 2006

All the right ingredients...

Last night the Jerman and a friend who we will call J came over to my apartment to kick it with me and two of my roommates. We sat around, contemplating what to do, and then decided to try the Thai place next to my house. We were seated adjacent to a table of ten girls, who were quite loud (as the Jerman repeatedly pointed out. He was a little more annoyed by it than the rest of us). The Jerman, J, and I ordered different things, and my roommates decided to just eat our food. I ordered what was called Fahb--chicken cooked in lime and cilantro and onions--basically AMAZING. The Jerman and J ordered items C4 and C6 I believe (pronunciation problems and bad memory contribute to the fact that I can't remember the actual names of the food) which were also delicious, although I've decided that yellow curry is a bit too spicy for me. Between everyone making fun of how I move my hands when I talk, the amazing food, learning new ASL words, and making "your mom" comments, it was a lovely dinner.

We then headed over to Smart Cookie, where we piled onto the love sac to consume our tasty treats. We stayed there for quite a while...More "your mom" jokes, more laughter. Then back to our house to watch "Timeline," a wonderful movie that I had forgotten about. After it was over, we pretty much sat around talking and making fun of each other. We were contemplating going to get ice cream but then another of my roommates came in and said the boys had to leave because it was after hours. We ended up making the "right" decision by just calling it a night so that we wouldn't be dead in church today.

A pleasant evening, with just the right combination of people. I hope our lovely little group does this again (ahem, Bombei House and Ferris Beuller perhaps? Haha).


Blogger MustacheBoy said...

Bombay House is to DIE for. And I'll recommend the Lamb Saag... I am this close to jumping the moat and getting some right now just thinking about it.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Klobas said...

There was a TV series based on Timeline. I think it lasted all of 4 episodes.

8:55 AM  

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