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Friday, October 13, 2006

Bleeding to Death

Today was a good day. I gave blood, took a nap, and then volunteered for several hours at this place called Friday's Kids. It's sort of like a day care center (only it's on Friday nights) for children with disabilities and handicaps so that the parents can go on a date and be alone. It was awesome. Along with two other girls, I was given the charge of a child named Josh. He was very bright and soooooo cute. Apparently he had some rare condition (insert really weird named condition) where he couldn't really understand what was right and wrong or good and bad. He had so much energy, and tried to eat pretty much anything. He was so much fun though, and he was soooo smart. Sometimes he would just speed through the hallways, trying to explore rooms with us in tow, and other times he would stay in one spot for 20 minutes at a time. He put himself in a box in the playhouse outside and stayed there for a while as we just talked to him. We read him some fire engine books several times through and demonstrated how to properly be a siren. We played with playdough, danced around, and ended up making several (approx. 10) trips to the bathroom so that we could don gloves and "change someone" on the changing table. He had so much energy and kept us moving a lot, but he was not a trouble-maker at all and we just had a blast. I was sad to say goodbye. Courtney, Jenni, and I will probably return.

So we came home, and I made some smores. I was (am) still a bit tired from the loss of blood, but I was going to go to the crazy party thing down our street anyway (I think it's called "Rock the Block or something cheezy but it's supposedly fun). My arm bandage was getting uncomfortable so I decided to cut it off before we left, only then my arm decided that it didn't want to stop bleeding. Um I've never had that problem before. So I told Courtney to go on without me and that I would just sit here and bleed to death. Makeshift first aid: nylons tied over gauz on my arm. I'm a genius.


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