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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Many of you may know that I'm a member of the Utah Valley Handbell Choir. Check out our amazing website:

Yeah so I'm really nerdy, I know. But don't scoff at handbells too soon. You'd be surprised at what kind of tight-sauce music a good bell choir can produce. And we're good. So this is a list of our free concerts in December. There are some other (not-free) ones, but I don't have a nifty flyer thing for those, so you're out of luck. Also, we are performing tonight in Provo...

The Utah Baroque Ensemble and our group is giving a joint concert tonight. Each group will do a bit of its own repertoire, and we will also do some songs together. Free admission. 7:00 pm (it is approximately an hour and a half--usually the concerts aren't that long because it's just us, but with the choir doing its stuff, the concert is a bit longer). The concert will be at: Sharon East Stake Chapel 1060 E. 2400 N. Provo

So yeah. Feel free to bring friends and stuff. And please clap after each song. Last time our audience was reluctant to clap because we were in a church...

In other news, I'm in an odd mood. Slightly sad, slightly happy, with a side of hashbrowns. The instigator of this mood? Lack of sleep. Don't even ask me what I did last night...

PS-I know the picture is lame and doesn't show up but hopefully you can click on it and it will magically appear. Too lazy to fix it.


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