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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The List

Personal Reflections: A list that will continue to grow as I think of things.

1. My hands are always cold. Even when the rest of me isn't.
2. I hate puns (except for that one the other night that AtP said--that was the only pun I've ever liked...although I can't even remember what it was now...)
3. I have a hard time making decisions, even about small things.
4. I'm vain about hair and makeup and am a little self-conscious about it.
5. Fun vs. Responsibility--Fun usually wins. Although somehow I'm really good at catching back up so I don't really worry about it. (I'm really bad at this college game!)
6. I'm a clean freak. I like things to have a place and be organized. Not so much that I absolutely freak out when things are cluttery, but when dirty dishes pile up and our floor is gross....Oh HECK no.
7. I'm slightly claustrophobic when smushed in a group of strangers...i.e. being packed in the Marriott Center. Really uncomfortable.
8. I think about things for a long time. I could stay on the same topic of conversation for hours discussing all facets and aspects of said topic. But not when forced.
9. I talk way too much.
10. In general I like guys better than gals. I am more likely to approach and talk to a strange guy than a strange girl. Most of my friends are guys. *
11. In general I like gay guys more than straight guys. *
12. I have a hero complex. I want to save and help everyone and I can't.
13. I don't like it when people breathe excessively loudly.
14. I don't like it when people laugh obnoxiously (namely the people in our apartment right now) e.g. ahlHLAHLAHaALAHLAHLAHL!!!!!!!!!!!! (so loud I can hear it through two closed doors and a wall)
15. I procrastinate too much.
16. I love math. I'm a complete math nerd. I used to get really excited about stuff like bases and derivatives in Calculus (no joke--my favorite class last year).
17. I wish I could do without sleep. I feel like there are better things I could be doing with my time. Alas, I never win this game.
18. I'm also a music nerd. I'm in an amazing bell choir and you are all jealous.
19. Random things make me smile--bakeries, italian soda, unexpected texts/calls/visits, perfect bananas, new car smell, tall guys, anything German or French...etc.
20. I hate it when happy moments are over and I usually try to remember them as often as I can.
21. I usually hate dejavu.
22. I'm very impatient...with driving, in classes when people ask stupid questions, when my roommates don't clean up after themselves, etc...I'm working on it though.
23. I rarely let people see me angry or depressed. I can only remember three or four occasions when I actually yelled at someone. I try not to cry in front of people because I look awful when I cry.
24. I don't like it when people are disappointed in me. I'd rather them be angry than disappointed. For me there is nothing worse than feeling like I absolutely failed someone.
25. I love talking (see #9). Hanging out with friends doesn't even require activity if we are talking. I like both casual and personal settings for talking.
26. I like feeling healthy. Can't say I absolutely love exercise, but I love how I feel afterward.

*Disclaimer: It's not that I don't have girlfriends or straight guy friends--it's just that when I meet new people I'm more inclined to show these tendencies.

I started this list during my Book of Mormon class the other day instead of paying attention. I think I realized a lot about myself. I'll add things as I think of them. This is enough for now.


Blogger MustacheBoy said...

Get yourself some stretchy gloves for like fifty cents. I wear them all the time, and my hands aren't cold!

8:35 PM  

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