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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My first semester in college

Moving into my apartment took several hours. There was no one home, but all evidence pointed to at least one person having already moved in. Luckily, my more-anal-about-organization-and-tidiness-than-me sister was there to make everything fit and look nice. She then took me all over campus, pointing out buildings and expecting me to memorize each one. We bought my books, walked around campus some more, and then I went home. My first night in what would be my home for the next several months wasn't bad. I was only slightly homesick, but mostly bored.

The rest of the week before classes started consisted of hanging out with my sister (hiking the Y, going to Seven Peaks, etc.) and getting acquainted with my roommates. Roommate C was the first I met, and she seemed like a typical nice RM Sister. Roommate B came next, introducing herself and then sitting on my floor for over an hour just rambling to me. Roommates A and D (who are sisters) didn't appear until the day before classes, but I already knew them. In fact, Roommate A and I had been planning to be roommates at the Y since the seventh grade. Pathetic and sooooooo Mormon. I know. Roommate E appeared much later.

My first class: Chem 152. Introductory Organic Chemistry. It actually wasn't too bad. Book of Mormon was next, and I didn't like it from the very beginning. Psychology turned out to be way better than expected, as did Physics and Church History. And HEPE...well, I don't think I really need to say anything about that.

Our ward, it turns out, isn't half bad. We have some really nice, fun people. My FHE group was sooooo cool. Our bishop is way nice, and our ward meets at 9am rather than 1pm. Plus, Ben Criddle (one of the football players) is in our ward and tells the most hilarious stories while teaching Sunday School.

As far as friends go, Roommate B soon became one of my best. It's not awkward to talk to her about anything. No joke, I have not found a topic yet that we can't have a long conversation about. I also had a few freshmen friends--there were 8 of us from Vacaville that were freshmen. But since Roommate A and I were the only ones who lived off-campus and had cars, we only hung out with the others every once in a while.

Then there was the Jerman. I decided one day that I wanted to meet some of the Native's Provo friends. So I stalked them on Myspace and emailed a couple of them--something along the lines of "Hey I'm new in Provo and we have a mutual friend. Let's hang out sometime." The Jerman actually responded immediately and asked if I'd like to go with him and some friends to see Lady in the Water the next night. I nearly chickened out, but the Native persuaded me to go, and I ended up having a lot of fun. Not to mention, I became friends with the Jerman.

By hanging out with the Jerman, I got to meet a lot of people. I met people like Smurf, who's car we later "broke," Wiggle, Sir Robert Chiltern, Pinetree, and AtP, who I completely fell in love with. I also met Latin Stud and many others who I think are amazing. And the Native was happy that I became acquainted with many of his friends.

So I met a lot of cool people. Tons of them. And not just in person either. Guillermo persuaded me to start this blog...It all started with something about "What's your favorite dinosaur?" He began blogging too, and we got the Native involved. Through the Native I found the blogs of Samantha and L and of tons and tons of other people who I've never met but who I've learned a lot from. And Mustacheboy and his friends found me through Guillermo...So thanks Guillermo, for making me blog.

Being away from home wasn't that hard for me. It's gotten harder as the holidays have come around, but I'm getting used to Utah. Don't get me wrong--California will always be my first love, but I'm adapting to the culture/weather/driving here.

Being in the Utah Valley Handbell Choir has been awesome for me as well. I feel so lucky to have found a group that was at just the right level for me. This semester, bells were my only musical involvement, which is odd for me. But it has been so neat to ring with the awesome people in that group, and to perform all over Utah Valley and in Salt Lake. I'm sure I'll be with them for a long time.

As far as classes go, I had a couple of teachers who were absolutely amazing. Brant Jarrett, my psychology teacher, made me look at life in new ways. Alexander Baugh knew more about Church History than anyone I've ever heard of, and he really cared about us and tried to get to know us. Fran Nordmeyer taught Chem with such a good sense of humor that I actually enjoyed going to that class. I didn't get all A's. And I don't particularly care. I probably could have been more responsible about studying and not procrastinating. I could have gotten more sleep. But I don't think I did badly.

And so my first semester in college draws to a close. There were good and bad experiences, but I'm grateful for them all. I have new friends, new thoughts, new ideas. I can drive in the snow. I know my way around Provo, and around campus. I've learned lots, and I have a new idea for a major. I've learned a lot about myself and about my parents. And I've learned that even though I don't know what my future will be like, I can put my trust in my Heavenly Father and it will work out just fine.

And now I must make a phone call and pack. One day and six hours until I arrive in Sacramento.
I can't wait.


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