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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chunk 2: The first weekend

I don't even remember what happened on Thursday. I made cookies with my mom and went to the Popsicle's and CheeseWheel's house at some point. The Native was there too.

It was slightly awkward, I remember now. I've been good friends with Popsicle for a long time. The Native has been good friends with CheeseWheel for a long time. But the Native and I have only been good friends for about a year, and CheeseWheel was never around because he's been in Scotland on his mission. So, in relation to CheeseWheel, now that he's back, I was the little sister's friend, as well as his own friend's friend. Complicated. I know. It was just sort of weird. I didn't really know what to do.

Friday was good though. (I'm now introducing MegaMuffin--a friend of mine since the sixth grade. She goes to UCSD, and is one of the few non-LDS peoples that are mentioned on my blog. She's pretty much amazing.) Popsicle, MegaMuffin, and I took BART into the city and met our old singing group at Ghirardelli Square. We got to play bells and sing with them, and we were reunited with our old buddies who had also come. Though most were bundled up in jackets and scarves, I was quite warm and was grateful for the above-freezing temperatures. It was lovely. Although...I'm quite glad that I'm not in the group anymore. My new bell group is way better.


Saturday was uneventful. I went to the Native's house that night and we watched his sister's boot camp video (which was hardcore, yo) and then watched Elf and chatted with his fam.

Sunday. Christmas Eve. Church was nice. I forgot how loud family wards are. Kids crying and everything. It was nice to see everyone though. After church I delivered my presents to my friends. This was one of only two days the entire break that I saw and talked to Roommate A (who has requested a name change that I have approved. She will henceforth be called Cuorderoy).

It was on this day that I received a text message from an Unknown. Apparently he had text-ed the wrong number, but asked who I was anyway. Something about being single, his son was in Illinois, he was all alone for Christmas, and could we hook up? Um no, that's not how I roll. He continued to text me throughout the week, just asking what I was up to and how my Christmas was. And then I never heard from him again. Whatever.

Santa was coming.


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