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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun with AtP

The first time I met AtP was at Smurf's house. It was the first time I met Smurf too, come to think of it...I had been reading AtP's blog for a little while--the Native had told me about meeting AtP at the EG Conference. As soon as I saw AtP, I knew it was him. He confirmed my assumption, and the four of us (the Jerman was there too) watched Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. [I love Danny Elfman.]

During the movie, one of Smurf's friends (we will call him E), came over. Afterwards, we piled into Smurf's car and went to Ihop. Apparently this was Smurf's first time driving (whatever that means) so it was quite the adventure.

The hostess seated us, and our waiter--an obviously gay man who called himself V for the evening--took our orders. We all got the same thing: caramel french toast with bananas. AtP asked for extra caramel and winked at V. It totally worked. We talked and ate and laughed, making comments about our strange waiter and AtP's shameless flirtation. I thought AtP was the strangest person--his laugh was SO incredibly loud, and he was so awkward about everything. I found it quite hilarious. AtP seemed to find amusement in my amusement with him, and by the end of the night we were "best friends...for e...and e...and e..." *trails off....*

The evening ended with me getting Smurf's and AtP's numbers so we could play again sometime.

Then there was last night, at Costa Vida. This time with Agirlwho, Changing Countenance, SkyBluePink, and the New Kid. The best part of the night: When Agirlwho called AtP.

AtP: "Hello?"
Agirlwho: "Hi!" (or something thereabouts)
AtP: "Is this [insert man's name]?"

After the phone call, we asked how he could mistake Agirlwho for a guy.

AtP: "This guy is really gay."

Thanks, AtP, for always being amazingly entertaining.


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