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Thursday, February 15, 2007

: )

I absolutely loved the Jerman's most recent post. So I'm copying him. I don't care if it's not Valentime's Day--I still love people!

The Native: I can truly be myself with you. I can talk to you about anything, and you continue to teach me and push me to be the finest I can be. You treat me like a queen, and you have an uncanny ability to read me and make me happy. Yours is a true example of Christ.

Cuorderoy: Forever crazy, spirited, hard-working, and fun. I can talk to you about serious things as well as weird things. You aren't afraid to go outside the box, and you are hilarious when you talk to yourself. I love waking up to your face every day! Hehe.

Matt: My amazing Brazilian friend! I wonder what I would have done without you this past year. You are such a wonderful example to me, and you have such a sweet spirit. Not to mention you are a freaking stud! I'm so grateful to know you, and I can't wait until we can meet in person! HueHUehUIEHUi. Your conversations will be missed greatly when you are on your mission!

Roommates B and C: I am so lucky to have such wonderful roommates! I love that we are all good enough friends that we can sit around talking for hours. You have been so supportive of me--encouraging me with my audition, running errands for me when I was sick--I'm so glad to have you around! You are *in Strong Bad voice imitating a teenage girl's voice* SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

The Jerman: You never cease to surprise me. Though quieter than the rest of us, you always have something amazing to say. I love your subtle humor and how much you value morality. It's one of my favorite things to make you laugh, and I always feel like an amazing person for having done so. Perhaps one day you will dance for us.

Popsicle, Char, and Sister Dawg: I don't talk to you three as much, but somehow we are still close. I know I could ask you guys for anything and you would be there. And just thinking of you makes me smile.

Big Brother: The small time I spent in Singles ward was worth it to be your friend, even if you don't believe snickerdoodles are cookies. I love talking to you and hope that someday we will see each other on campus.

To everyone else: If you've been a part of my life, even in a small way, I appreciate you. Just ask me, and I'll tell you how much you mean to me! I love you all!


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