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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Cuorderoy has gone on three dates with Ralph Waldo. He's really cool. She's not sure if she likes him yet, but I'm happy that she has someone cool pursuing her.

My older brother proposed to his now-fiancee last night. It's sort of weird, but I'm glad that he found someone. For a while he was completely anti-marriage, so the fact that he wants to marry her tells me he's madly in love. Which is great, because she's a really cool person and brings out the best in him. The scary thing though is that I'm next--both of my older siblings are married, and my younger siblings are both boys who have several years plus missions before they'll get married. I don't plan on getting married anytime soon, but it's still weird to think that I'm next. :/

If any of you were wondering, I asked Guy 1 (I will call him PaperTowel from now on) from TOPS out to lunch yesterday. We talked, at delicious food at Pita Pit, decided to carpool to tutoring from now on, exchanged phone numbers, and extended the "if you're bored, call me sometime" invitation. So it was a great success. Perhaps I will call him tonight. We'll see.

I also went on a "date" (it wasn't really a date--just two girls an two guys) last night with DaJet, the Masseuse, and LA. It was thoroughly entertaining. And we made cookies. And the Masseuse played with my hair for like half the movie. I'm such a sucker for that. It's sort of like how Samantha said she's attracted to anyone that smells good. I'm attracted to anyone that will play with my hair for any period of time. There are some exceptions (I was never attracted to Mr. B. when he tousled my hair--that's just sick) and gender does count. When girls play with my hair, I want to make them my best friend, not make-out with them.

Anyway. I want a man.

I wish they had catalogues for these things.


Blogger The Jet said...

Catalogues of men? They have 'em, it's called eHarmony. OH, you mean not creepy and/or desperate men. Like, you could pick a good one and go to JCPenney to buy him. Yeah, they should definitely do that. Except then people would really think you're a whore. ;)

12:13 PM  
Blogger Thirdmango said...

When I used to have hair I too would get all gooey when girls would play with my hair, now that I don't have hair, all I wanna do is play with girl's hair. :)

1:27 PM  

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