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Monday, March 12, 2007

It was a good weekend. I saw a silent film Friday night (it was accompanied by our stake president on the organ) that was hilarious. I stayed at the dance for a little while after, but then went home to watch "States of Grace" with Roommate C, The Masseuse (previously known as CheeseWheel), and The Masseuse's roommate, who we will call LA. I like that movie a lot. The Masseuse and LA loved it (LA just returned from the mission it was filmed in) but I think Roommate C might have missed the point...She didn't say she disliked it though, so maybe she liked it. The Jerman came over afterwards and taught us how to play speed Scrabble. That was fun.

Charlene was stayed with us for the weekend, which is always entertaining. Her friend J is hilarious as well. I wish they lived in Provo so I could be J's friend.

Saturday was good. I slept in, then went to see Latin Stud dance at the U.S. Dancesport Championship or whatever it was called. He was really good. Then Maestro came over and we went out to this Peruvian place next to Sizzler in Orem. The food was amazing, and the company pleasant. He insisted we try dessert, and also let me take home the extra Guarana, which was quite tasty. Then we headed back to Dancesport to watch the pros. It was fantastic. We met up with Latin Stud for a few minutes to chat, and would have met up with AtP if I had known he was there. :( But Maestro and I had a great time. I told him we could leave as soon as he got bored, but he wanted to stay to the very end! I was thrilled.

We tried to go home but my car wouldn't start. So we just sat there and waited for Cuorderoy to pick us up, Maestro laughing at me the whole time. We got home, and he left. I never know how to end dates--was I supposed to walk him to his car? Or give him a hug? I just thanked him and said I'd see him Thursday at our bell rehearsal (that's how I met him). And then we parted and my roommates and I fell asleep watching "Ever After."

*Note to the readers--This was the best date with a straight guy I've been on in a while. He paid for dinner, was ever the gentleman, enjoyed watching the dancing, and there weren't even any awkward moments. There may be hope in the world after all.

Sunday was stake conference. Elder Bednar spoke and it was amazing. It's really neat to hear the general authorities speak in a setting that's not General Conference. It's a lot more personal and really testifies to the amazing power and spirit these men have about them. I feel like I've been lagging behind a bit in the spiritual department so this was a great Sunday for me.

So it was a lovely weekend. Too bad I'm now back in the thick of school and hw.


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