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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pet Brazilian

Last year on Valentine's Day I was introduced by Charlene to a Brazilian named Matt. I wasn't really in a mood to be meeting foreigners on AIM (see my Valentime's post), but he IM-ed me anyway. In just that first conversation, having just met me, he was able to comfort me and lift my spirit. Thus began a friendship that I now am incredibly grateful for.

Matt is a convert of only about a year and a half. He went to Oregon as a foreign exchange student and was introduced to the Church by the family he was staying with--they were members. He ended up getting baptized, and just left tonight to serve a mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Like I said, Matt and I just clicked from the get-go, the same way I did with the Native. I suppose that's why the three of us are really close now (Matt is our "pet Brazilian"). The past year has been amazing--Matt has listened to me when I've needed him, he has made me laugh, he has offered advice, he has prayed for me, and he has helped me in more ways than I could ever thank him for.

Although we've never met in person, I consider Matt to be one of my best friends in the world. I've been able to talk to him online a lot the past couple of weeks, and I even got to hear his voice on the phone yesterday for one last time. I went to his myspace a few minutes ago--it made me sort of sad to know that I won't be able to contact him online or leave him fun comments for two years. He's really been a true friend and I miss him already. But I know he is serving the Lord and that he will be an amazing missionary. His testimony is so strong--I'm grateful that he has shared it with me on many occasions.

I'm such a baby! I can't even type this without crying. I so grateful that the Lord saw fit to put Matt in my life, even if it is only via email/letters/telephone. The Native and I promised him that we would fly to Brazil when he gets home and bring him out to BYU with us. He actually believed us, so I suppose we will have to keep our promise. :) Two years.



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