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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Da (The) Jet

I'd like to say a few things about Da Jet. Since I love and thrive on organization, and in spite of the fact that my last post was a list, I'm going to do this in list-form.

1. I don't know where I got "da" instead of "the" because on her profile I'm pretty sure it's just "The Jet." But whatever, I'm still calling her Da Jet because in the future everyone will be doing it.
2. She lives with me. She's basically amazing. She's also a flautist because she plays the flaut. And she hates it when I say that.
3. We are not a couple. Because we are close friends, and we go everywhere together, and we basically share a brainwave, it could look like we are together. Apparently Gimple thought we were a couple at first when we met him the other night (and in context of the setting and the company present, that theory makes perfect sense). Alas, I confess that both of us are attracted to men and not to each other. Although, AtP once told us that if we were in fact a lesbian couple, I would be the "fem" and she would be the environmentalist. Maybe in another life(?). *Shrug*
4. She's a fat whore (and to this accusation, she will inevitably respond that I'm much fatter and a much bigger whore, or she will probably say she learned it all from me, or something to that effect).
5. You should all read her blog. Yes, the link is here on my blog. Yes, you will love it. This is my official announcement, for all of you that have asked. :)


Blogger The Jet said...

1. It's "da" on the link because "the" was taken.
2. I don't play the flaut. I don't even know what a flaut is.
3. I have a boyfriend, in case anyone needed further proof that I'm not dating my roommate.
4. Stephalumpagus is a much fatter and bigger whore.
5. Go ahead and read my blog, if you enjoy being cynical about everything. :D

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