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Sunday, April 29, 2007

My life

It's been really busy. I cleaned my entire house, packed it all up, said goodbye to people that were going home for spring, hung out with a few people, hung out with my family while my parents were here, and moved into my new apartment--all within the past four days. HOLY MAN.

News? Roommate E's friend doesn't like me for what seemed to be no reason at all. Then I remembered that I put Roommate E's dirty dishes in a box without washing them. I didn't feel bad about it either. I did her dishes several times already, and I had to clean the sink. Plus I'll likely never see her again, thank goodness. I'm just glad Gimple and Brady were there to glare at the scary people. :)

Also, I adore everything about my new apartment. My room roommate, for whom I have yet to come up with a name, is awesome. She is cute, and nice, and fun to talk to, and is just an angel. I worry about my Honor-Code-bending habits because she is so good though...Maybe she will save me. We will see. I can always go to AtP's house to break the Honor Code--he lives nearby.

My ward is fabulous. I knew one person, and by the time Relief Society rolled around (which I actually went to this week!) I was surrounded by friendly people, chatting with me and everything. A whole bunch of us from the complex walked home, laughing and chatting the whole way. It was lovely.

And my room/closet space are much expanded from my previous apartment. And there's wireless internet. I love this place.

The Native is in town, and I got to see him on Saturday. He's staying with a lovely family who used to live in Cowtown, and who's son happens to be my first kiss. o_O And guess what?!?! I don't care! In fact, I was actually excited to go over there! He ended up not being there, but I honestly have no hard feelings toward him, and I'd actually like to hang out with him this summer! I guess I'm just surprised at my attitude toward him, because a year ago I never wanted to see him again. But I digress...

So I'm going to help the Native move in tomorrow, and I'm way excited. It's so fun to have him out here. :) I love that kid.

In other news, I came out to my parents. Jk. But this was as close as I'll ever get. I told my mom that the Native is gay (with his permission, of course). I explained that he's still active in the Church and that I have a lot of friends out here that are in the same boat. I also told her about Carol Lynn, and the Matises, and all the M-O-M people I've met and read about.

She reacted exactly as I had predicted--accepting and loving, but still old-fashioned. She was sorry for the Native because she wants him to be happy. She said he could ask her for anything he needs. But I also got the impression that if he chose a gay lifestyle that he would become just another sad story to her. Just another "what could have been" story. I was expecting that. She's a very precise woman, especially in the Church. Not overzealous, just precise. I don't think she would ever completely ostracize him for choosing a gay lifestyle, but she might lose her respect for him. Which is a shame, but that's just the way she is.

Also, she brought up reparative therapy. I squashed that right away though, and she's practical enough that she understands reparative therapy tends to have low success rates. She also mentioned that she didn't believe people were "born that way." She knew SSA isn't a choice, but she thought it was more circumstantial. I also squashed that and told her that it doesn't matter either way--to be born with a susceptibility to a certain temptation happens for a lot of people, and so does developing that susceptibility. That made sense to her.

She mostly was just worried that the Native would have a difficult life. And of course he will. But she was practical, compassionate, and understanding. Her opinion of the Native hadn't changed in the least, and I came away from our conversation very pleased.

And I just spent the last hour chatting with my roommate. Did I mention I love this place?


Blogger Brady said...

Yeah that lady was scary! I'm glad I know why now though. You were definitely justified in not washing the dishes again. I wouldn't have (and I guess that makes it alright).

Glad to hear you like your new place! I wish I was there (in Provo, I mean)!

Good job standing up for the native and helping your Mom learn a little about an important issue. She seems really understanding and practical. I'm glad she took it the way she did. I'm really impressed with how you helped her understand some of the more intricate parts of the issue and how you corrected some false ideas/stereotypes that she had. Kudos to you!

11:08 AM  
Blogger The Jet said...

What's about this scary person I keep hearing about? It sounds like a fun story, I want to hear. And your new roommate will never be as cool as me. :P

3:00 PM  

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