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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things that make today happy

1. I got up early enough to do my hair and look cute, even though this is my long day that is usually grubby day for me.
2. My first class was filled with much laughter (Dr. Howard is HILARIOUS) and then ended early.
3. My last American Heritage lab was today.
4. Lunch was a Caesar salad and a frozen strawberry lemonade (mmm!)...
5. ...and a cookie that Gay BYU Student bought for me. We finally had lunch together after several unsuccessful tries. It was a lovely lunch and I was sad when it was over. I freaking love that boy. And he told me he thought I was cool (I'm such a sucker for flattery when it's genuine). 6. My "The Bible as Literature" class was wonderful, as usual. We talked about the prodigal son in depth. I am really going to miss that class. Did I mention he canceled the final, and made our last paper optional?!?!?!
7. I didn't do my German homework and I don't care (um...what has happened to me? That would never happen in high school).
8. German was fun as usual. We didn't actually start the class until 15 minutes before it was over. Another class I will sorely miss.
9. The sun is now out, and I'm going to go play piano (which I don't do nearly enough).
10. I have bell rehearsal tonight. Which is always really long, but also really fun. I LOVE handbells (I know--I'm such a nerd).

Happy Thursday everyone.


Blogger Stephen said...

Didn't do your German homework, eh? Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. You'll never get those adjective endings down if you don't do your homework! :p You had lunch with GBYUS? That's pretty cool. I won't be outdone though! We'll have to do lunch sometime!Ser

12:06 AM  
Blogger Stephalumpagus said...

Ha! We didn't even learn adjective endings this semester! But yeah, I need to do some major studying. :) And I'd love to have lunch! In fact, my lunch invitations are open to anyone. Just send me an email!

9:18 AM  
Blogger Brady said...

What!?!? You have lunch with other people too?? And I thought we had something special going....

And glad you liked the cookie. And the flattery....

1:07 PM  

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