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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I went to psychology (class) today. I realized that although I find psychology highly interesting, I also loathe it. I loathe it because in many respects there are no "right" answers. And yet, in class, the professor is always right. Even though there are no "right" answers. *makes face* So what if I disagree with the professor? Or what if I don't want him to guide my thinking? I took some career tests and they kept saying I should be a psychiatrist or social services worker. All I can say to that is hell no. As interesting as psychology is, and as fabulous of a psychiatrist/ologist I could be, taking psychology classes would kill me.

I went to bells. I was in a sort of reflective mood because I had just talked to Charlene about Cuorderoy, but I wasn't particularly sad or anything. I got there, and I just felt so withdrawn. I didn't really want to talk very much, and when Captain Cleavage teased me I was a little hurt, whereas I usually brush it off. We had a small party, and after eating, I just felt so tired. I realized my heart rate was pretty high for just sitting around, and so I kept drinking water. It's down a little bit now, but is still higher than my resting heart rate should be. I will lay down as soon as talking to Gogie and the Jet stops being so entertaining. :)

Speaking of Gogie, I got to talk to PaperTowel for a minute online. That made me smile. A lot. I miss those kids. They were You know the type--not too pious, but definitely strong testimonies; both nice to look at (ahem especially PaperTowel); both are hilarious and witty; both are smart... No, I'm not in love [yet] but I do wish they were around still.

I think I was going to post about something else too but I forget. In more news, I'm going camping tomorrow night, I had Pudding on the Rice last night for the first time (AMAZING), and I've had plenty of awkward moments lately with AtP and his game of "Who would you rather...?" Haha.

So life isn't bad. This is long though and I should be studying or reading or something. Blah.

Pray for Cuorderoy.


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