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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yesterday after I took two test, I went and bought a sexy pair of chacos with AtP. We then went to the mall, consumed a soft pretzel each (complete with nacho cheese), laughed at AtP's incredible laugh, quit his job, and bought him shorts. He changed at my house and left his shorts conspicuously on my bed (in hopes of eliciting an angry response from my roommate--she disappointed us). After playing at the park, we decided to watch "Garden State," only to remember that AtP doesn't have a DVD player. So we picked up the New Girl (mentioned on AtP's last post), and got pizza. I had to abandon them to do visiting teaching, but later returned to eat my pizza and decline AtP and the New Kid's invitation to go running. I stayed up late reading blogs and reading a book.

I got up late today, read more of that book, and was finally ready around 1:30 pm. I studied until class, scored some extra credit, and finished the test quickly and confidently. I felt sexy walking home, and listened to my iPod with a smile on my face. I then read a bunch of blogs, and more of that book again. I ate an otter pop too. I chatted on the phone, listened to music, did more visiting teaching, and more reading. And here I sit, excited to go to a midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (which will hopefully be better than the second one was).

So life is good. The midterms are over (for now) and the weekend is here. And my birthday is soon. Which means new clothes. Yay. There are always sad things about life, but right now they are hiding and I am smiley. All I need now is for PT (or any other hot straight boy) to fall madly in love with me. :)

And now back to that book...


Blogger Gimple said...

Can I be the totally hot straight guy that comes in your life and falls madly in love with you? Oh, wait a second...

PS We need to play soon...

10:00 AM  
Blogger Brady said...

I must also confess that I thought for a moment whether I could be that guy. Then I realized that you were intentionally trying to exclude me with your "straight" statement. *Sounds bitter but really isn't.

And sounds like you're having lots of fun. I miss you too!

1:41 PM  
Blogger Stephalumpagus said...

Maybe I should have been more clear. If a gay man wants to fall in love with me, that's cool too. I just thought it was less likely.

12:07 AM  

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