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Monday, May 21, 2007

Life could be more boring

Blog name for my room roommate: Elizabeth Bennett.

I went to sign in to blogger, and Elizabeth Bennett's email was in the log in box. She has a blog? I told her I have a blog and she didn't mention hers. Interesting...

AtP and friend made me climb Bridal Falls in flip flops. I have two battle wounds, but it was definitely worth it. I just need to invest in some Chacos.

J thought the Masseuse was gay when they first met. So did AtP (although, had their meeting been a bit longer AtP would have realized the the Masseuse is just a different type of SSG). The best part is, when the Masseuse found this out, he was not offended in the least, and proclaimed this to be proof that he is a sensitive and caring person. He called me while I was at the waterfall, and AtP asked for the phone. I handed the phone to AtP who put it to his ear and said, "Sorry I thought you were gay."

I found out that PaperTowel has a girlfriend. Sort of. She went to China, so they broke it off, but she comes back at the end of June. Which basically means there's no hope for me, unless I'm magically more attractive than her when I see PT again in the fall. Lame. I'm not upset, just disappointed. However, I still felt like I was getting a good vibe. Maybe I was, but he just didn't want to go any further until ChinaGirl comes back. Hmm. I noticed that Gogie commented PT's facebook telling him that I had asked about ChinaGirl. What this all means is beyond me, but maybe there's hope. If not, they are still cool to hang out with. And Gogie is a great guy. Maybe he'll marry me.

I said goodbye to Captain Cleavage yesterday. We had our last two bell concerts. After the one in the morning, as we were putting the bells away, she asked me if I have a "sweet thing" for the Maestro. I responded that I do not, and she was very disappointed. "But he's so cute!" she bursted, "And you two would make such a cute couple! You're both musical and fun..." I just laughed, agreed that the Maestro is indeed cute, but insisted that neither of us have really put any effort into moving the friendship up to the next level. A few minutes later she cried, "Just think of your kids! They would be beautiful, and tall, and musical..." I laughed again, but couldn't help agreeing that the Maestro and I would have beautiful children.

I have a new entertainment. Last Sunday, I left church quickly so as not to be late to Granny's house. But in leaving church early, I ended up walking home by myself. As I walked down the stairs, there was a guy who was also alone just behind me. We smiled, but didn't say anything. It was just the two of us, down two flights of stairs and that long hallway, in silence. He reached the automatic door ahead of me, and when it opened he turned around and said, "I opened the door for you." I almost cracked up, but refrained and simply thanked him. He then introduced himself and we had a lovely walk home together. I didn't expect to ever see him again--there are a lot of people that go to church at the Wilk. But this Sunday, as I went into the hallway to get a drink, I saw him! He saw me too, and even remembered my name. I also remembered his, and we discovered that we have church in adjacent rooms. I also realized that he is in AtP's ward, and I told him that. Then I got my drink and went back to Sunday School. Perhaps I'll see him again...

And Cuorderoy is alive and finally home from the hospital.


Blogger Danish Boy said...

That is so funny that the therapist found out what atp and j were thinking. Hilarious really! I used to wonder what people thought of me when I did my internship with bodywork. I wasn't worried but it was kind of funny to see reactions when people saw that a male was going to massage them. Some people even changed their minds because they felt more comfortable with the female therapists.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Stephalumpagus said...

Oh silly Danish Boy. The Masseuse is not a therapist at all. He is just a straight boy--one of the Native's best friends. Actually, he lives with the Native and knows all about the Moho world. The Native informed him that J thought he was gay, and I told him about AtP. But yes, very funny. And I think I would be more comfortable with a female masseuse, but that I would enjoy it more with a man... ;)

7:31 PM  

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