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Monday, May 28, 2007


Because lately I've been actively on the hunt for men. I only need one really, but that's proving to be more difficult than I would like. And since I recently discovered PaperTowel's secret girlfriend, I find my spidy senses to be more alert than ever.

Yesterday I saw a cute one sitting alone, so I thought I'd make a new friend. I really had very low expectations--I mean, it's sacrament meeting, and typically meeting people in the ward means they'll forget you as soon as church is over and you'll have to reintroduce yourself later. This guy really surprised me though.

He introduced himself as Trampoline, and we had a fabulous conversation that did NOT include, "What's your major?" or, "Where are you from?" He was very sociable [and very cute]. He fell asleep during each of the speakers, and Gogie and I had fun laughing at him. After the meeting was over, Trampoline turned to me and said, "Jeez Steph! Why are you so tired today?" I liked that he started calling me "Steph" right off the bat. It's really cool when people do that.

During Sunday school, the "Nice Notes" came around. He didn't know what they were, so I explained that you can write something nice for someone on a slip of paper. He asked to borrow my pen and then, after writing, handed me the slip of paper. I explained that he was supposed to write my apartment number on it and it would be delivered later. He did so and then excitedly went to put it in the basket. He was also good for commentary during Sunday School.

Today he came to the ward activity and rode in my car. He asked if I got his note. Yes--it said something like, "Thanks for sitting by me at Church. From Trampoline. PS--Thanks for letting me borrow your pen." I thanked him, stating that it had been a lovely "surprise." The other people in my car were cool so we had fun getting lost and then finally making it to the activity.

I wasn't even wearing a swimsuit, but somehow he got me to swim out to a raft with him. We sat and chatted with the other people on the raft, then left to get some food. We also explored for a little while. Eventually we went home. He was quite the entertainment on the way home. I love that he's a swimmer and that he's from Roseville (about an hour away from Cowtown). I also love that he likes to make people feel awkward--whenever he is assigned to bring drinks to a ward function he brings Dr. Pepper because he knows at least one person will be uncomfortable with it.

Basically, he's just one of those really really cool people that is just really really cool and makes me think, "I wish I were really really cool." However, he just graduated and is moving to SoCal at the end of the summer. I lose again.

I just want a man. But there's always a catch. *Sigh* Someday I will win this game.

In the mean time, I'll keep hunting. There is just too much eye-candy at BYU to pass up. You know?


Blogger The Jet said... mean, eye candy that isn't gay? Where'd you find those?

2:29 AM  

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