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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Creative writing

I suck at writing but it's fun to try:

The ominous clouds vomit relentlessly on the poor, shaking trees. Thus is my view as I crouch on the tiny desk, cold, wet, and unsure of myself. An attendant walks by, carelessly surveying and scrutinizing each row of victims. There are unusually many here today and I feel slightly claustrophobic. I stare at the papers in front of me, and begin.

I thought I was prepared, but this was proving more difficult than I had anticipated. The little black marks on the page blur as I rack my memory. Was it him? No it couldn't be. But who was it?

I struggle forward, estimating, guessing, hoping they will be merciful. Resisting the urge to hum out loud, I summon all the intellectual powers I have and finally scratch the last mark. The papers are neatly stacked. As I stand, I look around triumphantly, pitying the poor souls who still remain.

Silently I leave the papers with the attendant, sensing my impending freedom. I lightly float down the stairwell and look up. What I see is so shocking, I have to look again. Blinking quickly to clear my vision, a smile starts to form on my previously agonized face. The smile grows until it illuminates my entire face. Then I walk out into the gloom.

What happened in normal terms:

I went to the Testing Center today and took a really hard test. I couldn't remember if there was an oboe cadenza in the third movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, and there were some other really tough questions. Also I wasn't sure about one of the identification pieces. I had been really hoping to get an A because it would help my grade in the class, but I didn't feel confident. I had resigned myself to a B before I even finished the test, but when I looked at the screen to get my score, I had to double check. I got a 98%!!!! Basically I'm a genius, and now I'm home free for the weekend. Woot!


Blogger Gogie said...

Hey good job on your test and nicely put in the story form! Happy Birthday tomorrow too!

9:44 PM  

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