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Thursday, June 14, 2007


This girl named Strawberry has been trying to hang out with me for a long time. I actually wouldn't mind hanging out with her, but she always calls so last minute and so it hasn't really worked out.

She called me on my birthday and asked if I wanted to go see a violin concert with her. She didn't seem to know it was my birthday, even though she added me to her top friends on Facebook. I told her I already had plans (I didn't mention the birthday thing because I didn't want her to be sad that I didn't invite her). She said something about how maybe I just don't want to hang out with her. The little voice in my head said something like, What the hell? Girl, please. My actual voice told her that was nonsense and that she shouldn't call so last minute. I was perfectly charming of course and asked her what she was doing the next Friday (which happens to be tomorrow). She checked her schedule and said she was off work at 6:00 pm. I promised we'd hang out then, and a Stephalumpagus never forgets.

Fast-forward to this evening's text message exchange:

Strawberry: What's going on tomorrow?
Stephalumpagus: There's a movie playing on campus at 9:30 pm. Some other people might come too. If you want, we can make dinner before that. Come over around 7:30 pm.
Strawberry: K I really want to come but it depends on whether or not I have a car. I'm trying to get it fixed and my dad can't fix it until he gets off work at 6:00 pm.
Stephalumpagus: Ok, well let me know.
Strawberry: K.

I was tempted to send her a text saying, "Well maybe you just don't want to hang out with me," but I thought that would be bratty. Also I'm sort of wondering why she asked me what was going on when she was the one that was changing up the plans.

Also, (and this applies to all texters, not just Strawberry), why was the last text message necessary? I mean, I told her to let me know, and it's assumed that as long as she's human she would let me know. So why make me open my phone to see a text that is only one letter? Isn't that just a waste of my messages? And of her life? And of my life? I've always wondered about those texts. Why do people bother?

Ok I'm being way too cynical. I'm actually in a fabulous mood. We'll see if Strawberry ends up hanging out with me. If she doesn't though, I'm going home next week so I suppose it's comforting to know this won't happen again at least until September.


Blogger Brady said...

I'm totally 100% behind you with the text messages! There's just no need for a one letter text message, especially after it's already obvious that the conversation has ended. The only thing I can gather is that these are "last word" people. You know, the kind who can never walk away from an argument until they've said "Well, fine, whatever. Have it your way."

11:26 PM  
Blogger Brady said...

Oh, and you're going home 'til September!? That's just one less reason for me to come visit Provo this summer...

And sorry I didn't know it was your birthday a week ago =(. We should have become facebook friends long before now... then I would have known. Well, happy belated birthday. BTW, you were born 6 days before my brother. Crazy.

11:32 PM  

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