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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A not-busy Stephalumpagus

I wasted an incredible amount of time yesterday. I was finally ready for the day at noon, when Popsicle came over. She and I had a lovely chat in which I explained my involvement in the Moho/Queerosphere and the Moho world in general. This conversation was long overdue, and the only reason I hadn't blurted everything to her a year and a half ago was because the Native specifically asked me not to. But times have changed and I was finally able to be a good friend and let her know what was going on in my life. Despite all that she's gone through, I still feel like she is really young. Perhaps that's just the way she is--she is very mature in some ways, but I think she will always cling to little childish things...It's hard to explain so I won't. Plus it's really not pertinent--I was just thinking.

Anyway. We went to Target, as usual. That seems to be my favorite place to play. I needed contact solution and ended up buying a DVD in the mean time. Then, after an unsuccessful attempt at kidnapping Muffin (she wasn't home), we returned to my house to watch The Office. We watched maybe three episodes and she went home. I continued to watch, ate dinner, and then received a phone call from Muffin. She and I ended up walking around the new stores that are over by the Nut Tree. Vacaville is becoming a kickin' little city if I don't say so! We've got all sorts of stuff. Anyway, that was great fun and we both bought some books. Not knowing what to do, we went back to my house and watched--you guessed it--The Office.

She had to go home early because she had a doctor's appointment in the morning, but that was okay. I got ready for bed and then went online. Boy and I talked on the phone for quite some time, and then hung up due to his sleepiness. I laughed when he called back apologizing for cutting me off (which he had not done). We inevitably ended up talking some more, and then I finally went to sleep.

Then there was today. I didn't bother straightening my hair or even picking an outfit. I just wore some gym shorts and a T-shirt and put my hair up. It was car-cleaning day. I hadn't realized how long it's been. It took me a long time to vacuum the interior, but it looked so good after I did. Then I washed bugs from various states off and parked it, sparkling, under the sun. I hope I got a good tan.

I finished season 1 of The Office (no I'm not obsessed, I just want to catch up). Then I played Guitar Hero for an hour. I got annoyed and now I'm sitting here typing. Harry Potter is watching Spongebob. I think I'll sit and sort of watch while posting on my other blog.

Hope all is well with everyone. Sorry I've been so lame and haven't really been reading your blogs much. I do love you!


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