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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Being spiritual

Before I came home, I wasn't really happy with where I was spiritually. I went to church and actually enjoyed it more than my previous ward, but I still just wasn't really paying attention. So I got myself back into good scripture-reading habits and I was doing all right, but I still just felt like going to church required way too much energy and that it was usually really boring.

Coming home was nice. My first Sunday back was lovely, and I definitely felt the Spirit stronger. But my praying habits sort of got really patchy, and I completely stopped reading the scriptures. It wasn't anything drastic--I was still really happy with my life--but yesterday I noticed.

Nothing specifically happened, but I was driving home from having a good time, and I was suddenly sad. I couldn't figure out why, but I just kept thinking about people I'm worried about, or little things in my life that I'm still not sure of...

The thought occurred to me: Have you prayed about it? No. In fact, I haven't been praying about much lately, I haven't been getting much out of church, and I haven't been reading my scriptures either. In fact, I've basically just been completely neglecting everything spiritual. Well there you go--no wonder you're sad. Facepalm.

As soon as I got home, I read my scriptures and said a mega long prayer. Then I called Gogie and we chatted for a while, so by the time I fell asleep I was feeling quite the opposite of sad.

I paid attention in church today. Okay, I did goof off a little during sacrament meeting with Twitchy, and I spaced off once during Sunday School (I don't know why I love to daydream so much), but I felt the Spirit and listened to the lessons. I actually enjoyed Relief Society, even though I was one of nine people there.

Driving home, I thought about it. Nothing about church today was spectacular or life-changing. But my attitude about it was so much better, and it made a huge difference. I had been neglecting something that was really important. It was like I hadn't washed my hair for a long time--I can live without doing it, but life is SO MUCH BETTER if I do.

And who would have thunk? It feels good.


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