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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I actually have girlfriends out here

Swinger, a friend from high school, was in town this week so we went out to dinner one night. It was actually fun chatting about boys and college and just being girly. I don't do that very often, mostly because I get sick of it, but it's really fun once in a while. Swinger has turned into a complete party girl and I was cracking up about it. My favorite thing she said was, "I have a couple of Mormon girls that are my closest friends in Arizona. And then I have a group of girls to go party with. But they're just a bunch of whores."

Friday after work, Tappy and I went to see Puccini and BlueHair perform at my favorite bakery/cafe downtown. They were fabulous, as usual, and we saw a bunch of old friends from Sylvan Singers, including Fotchachartchay, which was great because I miss having black friends. Puccini had to stay to watch the next girl perform. So Tappy and I explored the Creek Walk, wondering why it was such a popular place to be on a Friday night. We played at the park for a bit, reminiscing about our childhood adventures at this park. Puccini was supposed to practice a song with us after the cafe gig was over, and we were still waiting for him, so we went to Jamba Juice and talked about our romance lives. I get way cuter texts than she does and she's jealous. Haha.

We gave up on Puccini and decided to practice today instead. I took Tappy home and saw Muffin in her car on the way. She invited me to get dessert but I was tired so I declined. I came home and finished a movie with Dad and Harry Potter, went online, and then talked to Gogie on the phone. Now that I think of it, I don't know if it was exactly in that order, but whatever. I fell asleep reading the sixth Harry Potter book.

My little kids had their performances today. They did really well and I had a lot of fun getting them all to sign my program. They are hilarious and I'm glad many of them are returning for the Carnival camp we're starting on Monday. And then I got paid, which is always happy. I beat Guitar Hero on hard today, so then I started on expert and got pretty far. Also I read a lot. Now I'm trying to plan a possible Disneyland trip with Cuorderoy.

I'm tired. But doing well.


Blogger Klobas said...

i'm reading Harry Potter 6 too. What part are you at?

5:46 PM  
Blogger Frances said...

That post makes me jealous of you.

I miss being around those people (& you and all combinations) so much!

...of course, I didn't come because I was at the beach, so, only kind of jealous

7:00 PM  

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