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Sunday, July 01, 2007


...I know exactly why I'm friends with people.

Stephalumpagus: My dad is making me read this Dean Koontz book. I hope it's good.
Pound: Does it have a cool cover?
S: It's white with a blue hazy face. "FEAR NOTHING is the title, and the San Francisco Examiner says, "FEAR NOTHING WILL MAKE YOU FEAR ALMOST EVERYTHING."
P: It has a cool title and some neato headlines, so it will probably be the most amazing novel ever written.
S: I suppose.
P: The excitement probably runs deeper than previously charted by man.
S: Then why haven't you read it?
P: Because I'm a loser. And I can't read.
S. Oh yeah that's right.


Pound: Did I tell you I got a brand new car?
S: No! Do tell!
P: I just did. I got a new car.
S: I mean tell me about the car.
P: Oh.
P: Well it's a 2007 Nissan blah blah blah, black, manual.
S: Sounds sexy. Probably not as sexy as my grandma car though.
P: I used to have a grandma car too! It still smelled like old lady.
S: Mmm...mine doesn't...thank goodness.
P: Oh. That's too bad.
P: You could fix that. Just spill baby powder and old lady perfume under the seats.
S: I think I'll pass.
P: It's okay. It's not for everyone.


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