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Friday, July 13, 2007

Yes I'm doing it too---8 Gay Mormon Facts (although I'm not gay so I suppose this is just 8 Mormon facts...Meh. Lame. How about just 8 random facts?)

Salad and Drex tagged me so here it goes.

1. All of my fingers, especially my pinkies, turn inward. I think this is from playing the harp, but I don't really know. It could just be a deformity.
2. I'm a hardcore nerd. I think guys with glasses are cute, I love math, I'm always hesitant to ditch class, and until I got to college I had never gotten less than an A in a class. Total bookworm, and I love to analyze little things. Oh and I'm in a handbell choir.
3. I have a really hard time making decisions. The thought of making a wrong decision leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth so I just remain indecisive. The Jerman calls me on it all the time.
4. For some reason I have an affinity for gay people (and Salad). Big surprise, I know. I hecka love and miss you all and I love reading your blogs (which I do read, by the by, even if I don't comment).
5. I almost ran over a homeless man last week. So not my fault--he stepped out in the middle of the highway and decided to wander around.
6. Very few people have ever seen me angry. I'm almost 100% sure none of you bloggers have seen me mad, unless we count the Native who doesn't really blog anymore. However, during my fourth year of girls' camp I made these two girls cry because I yelled at them. I felt so bad I apologized about a half hour later though. It worked out.
7. Of the women in my immediate family, I am the shortest and have the largest feet.
8. Not that I've been diagnosed or anything, but I'm pretty sure I have a little bit of OCD. Sometimes I get really irritated when things aren't done the way I think they should be done. I love things that are contained (AtP and I got way too excited over those citrus dishwasher packets and how amazingly contained they are) and I love buying cleaning products. I don't believe in dirty dishes, and I love organizing things.

I'm too lazy too tag people because I want to go to sleep. But I hope to see a few more of these around because they're fun to read.


Blogger Gogie said...

I am glad you think guys in glasses are cute!

12:44 PM  
Blogger Brady said...

This was great! I'm glad you did it too, cause it's nice to get a little straight female perspective around these parts. Oh and I didn't know about the glasses thing either, I guess I'll have to start wearing mine. =)

No, I've never seen you upset.

I'm super indecisive too. Especially when it comes to big things, like whether to get married or not. But even with smaller things, like which socks to wear.

12:22 PM  

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