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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back in town

After a long drive, we made it to Utah. Jenni Bean and I unloaded the car and then decided to play. First I went to visit AtP at work, where he gave me one of his fabulous hugs that I love so much and then spilled the latest stories. We didn't finish visiting though--sorry love, I'll buy you lunch--because the Masseuse was at my apartment with some peoples that wanted to see a movie. So I went home to meet up with him, Jenni Bean, and the two boys that claimed to be the Masseuse's neighbors.

We saw Ocean's 13, which felt incredibly long and slow. That could have been because I was so groggy though...

It's nice to be back. I have options. I'm less restricted. I know more people and more places. There are more boys. It's college life, and I've missed it.


Blogger AttemptingthePath said...

So this one time you said you'd call me after a movie and you didn't...


9:41 AM  

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