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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The day after

The day after is always the hardest.

It was tough this morning but I went to work because I didn't want to explain to my parents why I was feeling sick to my stomach. I was put on Podium (tearing tickets and pointing people in the direction of their theaters) which is usually the absolute most boring job there is. So I began formulating plans to go home sick. But I was too stubborn. Why should I let some stupid boy's actions upset the normal flow of my life? He's not worth it. I control my life, and I control my happiness.

So I stayed at work. And you know what, I had a fabulous day. The managers kept having me do random jobs which kept me occupied, and--this is so nerdy, I know, but I just can't help it sometimes--I worked out the entire unit circle on my movie schedule. I needed to review it anyway, and I soon found that after a couple of hours I was in a really good mood.

Handsome came to see a movie and we chatted for a while. Some random old lady kept asking my where a whole bunch of different movies, "just in case I don't like the one I'm going to." I refused to give her the theater numbers so she could movie-hop (we kick people out for that), and she got all huffy and said she wasn't coming to Brenden anymore. Ha. Yeah right. We're the only movie theater in Vacaville. And who wants to go to the one in Fairfield? Handsome and I had a good chuckle about it.

I laughed later too when an old lady informed me that the women's bathroom was a "disgrace." A disgrace to what, I wondered. I can only imagine.

Just before I left, a manager informed me that last Saturday I sold the more combos than anyone else. She presented me with a free movie pass, which is nice because even though I get to see movies for free, I don't get to see them for free right when they come out. It just ended my workday nicely.

I came home to a tasty dinner and more laughs with Handsome, then I beat "Hangar 18" on Guitar Hero, a song that I had been stuck on for a very long time. It also happens to be the second to last song, which means I only have one more song to beat, and then I'll have beaten the game on Expert. That's right suckas.

And now I'm watching "Arrested Development" with Handsome and his friends.

The Boy situation still makes me mad, but it's only a small part of my life. I haven't cried about this--he's not worth it. I don't need romance to make me happy. There's so much more to life. I have amazing friends and a hilarious family, I go to a good school and I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm doing well, I had a wonderful day, and I'm more excited than ever to return to Provo and see you all again.

Stephalumpagus is 100% single, and 100% fine with it.


Blogger MustacheBoy said...

Well, it's hard for me to act affectionate when you continue to hide the fact that you're madly in love with me. Once you get over your love of secrecy, it'll be much better.

Also, I like Edwards better than Brenden. Their seats are more comfortable.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Charlene said...

Will you marry me?

9:55 AM  
Blogger Stephalumpagus said...

Charlene, darling, I'd love to, but I'm secretly in love with MustacheBoy. Even if he DOES like Edwards better. (Ahem, Edwards' seats may be more comfy but I'm pretty sure they don't have Dolby Digital. Yikes).

Nevertheless I'm throwing off my shroud of secrecy and declaring my insatiable love for MustacheBoy. It's a shame for him that I'm returning to Provo in just a week and a half...

12:58 PM  
Blogger Klobas said...

there was so much wrong with your last disturbing and wrong

1:55 PM  
Blogger MustacheBoy said...

Wow. I'm shocked that you actually admitted it. How will I tell my mistresses?

7:56 PM  
Blogger Klobas said...

what is a unit circle?

11:12 AM  

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