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Friday, August 03, 2007

Rough night

I woke up suddenly at 2 am with the instantaneous knowledge that the phone call I had been waiting for didn't come. I managed to fall asleep again, but my dreams were loud and fast-paced; when I woke up again around 3 am I felt more tired than I had before. It didn't help that I gave blood yesterday and my body had already been tired.

The dreams included three people--Puccini, BlueHair, and myself. All the songs we do together were running through my head at the same time, rather loudly, and all I could see was the music jumbled together. It moved much to quickly for me to keep up, but still I was being dragged through it, and it wouldn't stop. I kept waking up feeling exhausted. I curled up in as tight of a ball as I could, clutching my pillow, and pulling the covers tightly around me. I managed to clear my head for a small amount of time by mentally singing a hymn, but I don't know how long that lasted.

I must have fallen asleep eventually because my body skipped my first biological alarm and very nearly missed the second. When I woke up, I was less tired than I had expected, but I had that stressed-out feeling like I was late for something.

Now I just feel sort of defiant.

Maybe going shopping will help.


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