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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sex Talk

So...Jenni Bean and I were having a very interesting conversation a moment ago about marriage and other things that come with that...

Ahem. Anyway, we were laughing at something a friend said earlier today about a commercial on TV... In the commercial, a girl was lecturing a boy about using a condom so they could have sex in their dorm room. Our friend said something like, "I will never have sex in a dorm room. It's so awkward. I tried it." Naturally, we cracked up (but not with drugs).

So, reflecting on this earlier conversation, we talked about how at normal colleges it wouldn't be weird to walk in on two a dorm...using a condom... Jenni Bean said you could just put a sock or a tie on your door...

Then she asked what I would do if I came home and there was a sock on my door. My response? I would think my roommate was doing laundry.

Only at BYU.


Blogger Charlene said...

Oh the Ironies! So I was typing in the URL for your blog and my
"p" wasn't working and what do you know it brought up a search for sex/porn sights.... Uh oh.... moral of the story-- make sure there are no cracker crumbs under your "p" before going to stephs blog.

8:03 PM  

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