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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So Gimple and Brady convinced me to go 80's dancing with them this Thursday. Brady, who just got to Provo yesterday, called me today to go shopping at DI for 80's apparel. Gimple and new friend Glee were there too. There was much laughter as we explored the men's department, and even more laughter when we got to the women's. There were some fabulous dresses, two of which I modeled for my dear friends, and one of which I ended up purchasing for Thursday night. Now I just need shoes.

We decided to go to Costa Vida for lunch (so good!) and Brady rode with me in my car. We walked hand-in-hand into the restaurant to find Gimple and Glee, also hand-in-hand (I love them for this!!!). "Look at those gay guys!!!" Brady exclaimed, causing both of us to burst into giggles and almost miss our chance to order our food. Unfortunately, neither Gimple nor Glee heard Brady's comment, but we filled them in later.

Brady proposed to me in line even though we were already engaged. I said yes of course--we are madly in love. It was delightful to see him again.

They promised to call me tonight. In the mean time, I decided to be an adult and apply for a job. Now that that's done, I'm going to have a popsicle.


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