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Sunday, August 12, 2007


The benefit ended last night, and it gave me an incredible boost. I was actually a little be sad to leave all the wonderful people that I love so much and won't be seeing again for several months. Puccini promised to call me this week though so hopefully I will get to see him again before I leave.

I felt very strong on the drive home, and it didn't hurt as much to think about the Boy situation. I was able to think about it very clearly and that gave me more strength--to think that I am getting better, that I am beating pain and hurt.

Though I desperately needed sleep, I got online. PaperTowel was on, and I hadn't talked to him for a while. I decided to tell him about the Boy situation because he knew nothing about it and he's going to be living with Boy this year. So I explained what had happened and how I felt. He was very understanding and sympathetic. It felt good to tell him everything. He promised we would secretly hang out sometime (his girlfriend doesn't like me either, so I doubt I'll be seeing much of him) and I went to bed feeling more confident than I have in over a week.

Church was nice, even though I can't say I was fully attentive. I did get some good things out of the talks and lessons though and I didn't complete botch the song I played in Sacrament meeting. Charlene came and was supportive too so it ended up being a lovely service.

I just talked to Fat Walrus on the phone and we had many laughs about the stupid things we did last semester and the cool people we are excited to see again. I'm feeling lighthearted. I had planned to take a nap today to waste time but now I don't need to. I'm feeling stronger, and although I'm sad about Boy, I know it will get better.

And now back to watching Rush Hour 2 with Dad. Ha.


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