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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Three days after...?

I've been doing really well. The anger has died down to a low annoyance level. Unfortunately, the sadness started to set in.

I really am beyond the romantic sadness. I meant it when I said I'm fine being single, especially since he and I weren't officially dating. What bothers me is that he didn't even attempt to salvage our friendship. He didn't ask if we could still be friends. He didn't ask if he could still call me sometime. I mean, even before there was any romance, we had so much fun together. We hung out a lot. And suddenly, that's worth absolutely nothing to him at all.

It hurts that we lost what I thought was a great friendship. He even deleted me and our photo album from Facebook. I've been cut off, thrown out of his life like an old shoe.

All I want is to know that he's a little bit sad too. Then it would at least seem like it was worth it.

I thought about sending him an email. Just to voice my thoughts and ask for his. I don't know if he would actually respond, or what his response would be. But it's killing me thinking that all those good times weren't really good, that they were all fake and just a waste of time.

But then I'm afraid I'll regret emailing him. Maybe he'll just hurt me more. Or maybe he'll apologize and I'll crumble and let him get off easy.

This just hurts.


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