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Sunday, September 16, 2007

For the stupid males out there. And then some delightfulness.

So this is just me saying that if you are a guy and you ever treat one of my girlfriends like crap, stay away because I will have nothing good to say to you. In the past couple of months, several of my girlfriends have been mistreated by jerky boys and it really bothers me. It hurts me to see them get hurt. I can't imagine that the Savior would be happy to hear that you treated a daughter of God so disrespectfully. I know I'm not.

With that said, I have had a fabulous week. And I'm really looking forward to this next one. I get to see Sharky and Arnold on Thursday, then Samantha that night, and then there's the EG Conference this weekend. Holy amazing.


Blogger Jenn-Jenn-A-Rooski said...

Sweet. I'll get you his address and license plate number. Egg away!

8:57 PM  

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