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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I kissed a drunk girl

Okay so I didn't really kiss a drunk girl (sorry AtP), but I just turned on Something Corporate and that's the song that's playing right now. I sort of forgot they existed. It makes me smile to listen to them.

My hands smell like onions from cooking with Brady. I've washed them several times. Hmm.

School is all right. I don't really know what's going on in my computer classes but there are tons of guys so it's cool. Calculus doesn't seem very hard yet (I guess it helps that I've already taken it) and my religion class seems mega easy. I'm going for straight A's this semester to hopefully get my GPA up (I didn't get a scholarship this semester because a 3.65 isn't good enough for BYU). This looks like it will be a good semester. Just don't let me turn into a complete computer geek. Please.

I have amazing friends too. It makes me so happy to spend time with y'all (yeah I just said that--enjoy it because it doesn't happen often). You guys are amazing.

My roommates are also cool. We all get along. It's amazing.

The ward is nice--a guy from the ward said hello to me today as we walked past each other. Nice to know I'm not invisible/anti-social in this ward.

Life is good. I still have random worries, but I don't think life is ever completely worry-free. Things are good. Did I mention I love you all? I love you all.


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