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Monday, September 24, 2007

Update No.1

Last week was...crazy. I had to do my homework 2-4 days in advance, which was sort of stressful. But I did it. And finally--finally--I have time to relax and post about all the things I've wanted to.

First things first. Boy needs a better name. I could go back to his old name--the name he posts under--but that's not a name I assigned him. It's just a nickname that he's had for a while and I sort of want to name him myself. So from here on out his name will be Jacob. I'll leave it to you to figure out why. Also, Jenni Bean shall hereafter be called Peas.

Let's start with Wednesday. It had been exactly a week since Jacob and I had started dating, so we celebrated by making cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, I had a ton of homework to do in advance, so it wasn't much of a celebration, but still. A week is the longest I have ever officially been in a relationship (don't think I'm a total loser though--I was in an unofficial relationship for a year once) so it was worth celebrating. Yay.

Thursday was. Many things. I skipped a class, went to a class that I should/could have skipped, and took a test that I hadn't studied for. I rushed home to put some clothes in the wash, picked up Jacob, then headed off to Bajio for lunch with Sharky and Arnold who were in town for the weekend. Arnold harassed me mercilessly every time Jacob was out of earshot; it was hilarious. Sharky rambled about how she's not really thrilled with teaching high school PE and about how dumb it was that the JKHB is now called the JKB. I love those two.

The four of us then proceeded to the grandparents house where we ate homemade raspberry pie and banana bread and taught Jacob how to play Rook. He was a huge hit with everyone and he picked up the game very well. We also played Joker, complete with sound effects (I'd be happy to demonstrate for you some time), which is a game that was invented by one of Sharky's friends.

I sadly said goodbye to Sharky and Arnold (I wouldn't be able to see them again because of the EG Conference) and we headed off to Zupas. The Samantha and Darrin were there, along with a plethora of Moho's. I didn't really get to talk with everyone, but I did meet two lesbians who seemed very cool. And sitting next to AtP is always a joy/entertainment. Oh, and for my Moho's, Jacob thinks you all are way cool and hilarious.

I couldn't stay long because I had bell rehearsal (which was fun in most ways). After that I just watched TV at Jacob's house and then went to bed early--Friday was going to be a long day.


Anonymous Jacob said...

So I like the name eh! I don't think the other comment posted so I will do this (this isn't the original, which you could have probably figured...whatever.) I think your family is great. Rook and that game was hecka fun too!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Brady said...

Huzzah for relationships, Rook, and Zupas!

8:07 AM  

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