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Monday, September 24, 2007

Update No.2

Day One of the Evergreen Conference

Highlights include:
~AtP said he would pick me up at 7:10 am. Unfortunately, Original Mohomie set the alarm incorrectly (it was the AM/PM) and he didn't wake up until 7:21 am.
~One of the speakers said, "The miracle of Evergreen." It was sort of hilarious.
~We went to the cute Presbyterian lesbian's class about our relationships with men and God. I actually quite enjoyed it.
~Pinetree had lunch with us, which was great because I got to know him better.
~I saw this random kid that I had met before!!! I'll tell this story when I talk about Saturday.
~AtP and I went to a class presented by Chris Dietzel, who is absolutely amazing. Her outlook on life was so enthusiastic and positive. I really got a lot out of her presentation about achieving happiness through the Atonement. She has a blog, which I haven't visited yet, but I definitely will. Her URL is
~We ditched the barbecue and returned to Provo for dinner. Peas came, and I got to meet Sully and Samantha's son DJ, who were both hilarious and really cool. DJ has amazing gaydar. And Sully has a laugh that is almost as loud as AtP's. Needless to say, there were a lot of people staring in our direction. Oh yeah, and Darrin is the coolest gay straight man of all time.

I told Jacob all about my day and he thought it was cool. He was really great about me going to the conference. He's amazing.


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