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Monday, September 24, 2007

Update No.3

Day two of the Evergreen Conference:

Highlights include:

~AtP said he would pick me up at 7:30. This time it was his fault, but he didn't wake up until 7:25.

~AtP, Samantha, and I didn't like our choices for the first class, so we decided not to go. The hallway smelled horribly, so we got some Febreeze out of AtP's car and followed Samantha as she surreptitiously sprayed it. Somehow we ended up hiding in the hallway giggling.

~Still ditching, we filled out surveys and questions, which caused much more laughter. I even filled out a "strugglers" survey as a straight person.

~We went to this great class about innate goodness. About how we always have trouble believing that we are good, no matter how much evidence there is. The presenter was this amazing woman. I really enjoyed it.

~I returned to the cute lesbian's class--this time it was on true femininity. She had a lot of good points on what femininity is and isn't, and then we got into a really interesting discussion about lesbian stereotypes. I escaped when it started getting slightly heated, but it was a good class nonetheless.

~Time for the story about the random kid who I will call Glasses. This one time I met Glasses' brother in the Wilk, and I thought he was cute so I gave him my number. He never called me, but Sunshine called him once and set up a lunch date. So she and I and Glasses and Brother had lunch together once. Also, Glasses once came over to our house to play games. But I hadn't seen him since. Until the EG Conference. He had come alone, having never met any other Moho's before. I totally wanted to be his friend, so he and Pinetree convinced me to go with them to the extra workshop instead of watching the Joseph Smith movie.

~The extra workshop was very interesting for me. I learned a lot about the organization of Evergreen and about women "strugglers" (which is such a horrible term, by the way). After the class, some old people started talking to Pinetree; Glasses and I stuck around and it ended up being a very interesting conversation.


Blogger Potentate said...

I love that I'm 'some random kid'. ;) And 'glasses' seems an apt nomdeplume, even if it is a little less glorious than 'potentate.' You're just watching out for my ego, I suppose.

It was really fun, wasn't it? You'll have to keep me in the loop now.

10:14 PM  

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