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Monday, September 24, 2007

Update No.5

Okay so I'm mostly done. I just wanted to blog about Sunday. I was in a pretty irreverent mood (I blame spending two straight (gay) days with Samantha and AtP for that) but luckily Peas was too. Jacob came with us to church and the three of us giggled through Sunday school. We decided it wouldn't be a good idea to stay for the last hour, so we didn't.

We lounged about for a while, then Jacob and I went to my grandparents house. We played Rook--girls versus guys--and the guys totally kicked our trash. Jacob got the hang of the game way faster than I had expected him to. It was really fun though, and Grandma's food is always amazing.

Aunt Shelly told us a great story too. Apparently in American Fork there is a school for mentally handicapped people that can't really function in society. Once when my dad was a toddler, Grandpa was out in the backyard playing with him and the girls. The neighbor called Grandma and said, "One of them retards has escaped and is with your kids in the backyard!" Grandma's reply was, "No, that's just my husband." My grandpa was mistaken for a retard. Wow.

Anyway. Later I went with Jacob to his friend's house. He and this friend had grown up together and hadn't seen each other for a while so they had fun reminiscing on their childhood. The people there were all pretty cool so I had fun, although I didn't understand anything when they all started speaking Spanish. Ex-Roommate C used to do that. It was okay though. We all had some good conversations about books and stuff, and Jacob's friend was really cool. I also tried an Argentinian drink called mate, which tasted like liquid green beans. It was sort of disgusting, but it was one of those things where you just keep drinking it anyway and you don't really know why.

Then it was really cold and we made Ghirardelli hot chocolate at my house.

I was sad to go to school again. Good thing tomorrow is Tuesday. Only two classes. Huzzah.


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