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Thursday, October 04, 2007

This week the trend

So I love going to FHE at the Matis's. Not only are the speakers always really good, it seems like each time there are more and more people I know. I was really glad to see Potentate and the Gymnast there (I didn't name the Gymnast--I've heard that's what he's called--correct me if I'm wrong). And Glee brought his mom, who had amazing hair. AtP wanted to hide small African children in it, but I'm pretty sure he didn't have any with him. I also got to see DanishBoy, which is always a joy. He's definitely one of my favorite people--just sweet all around. Plus he gives really good back rubs. :) (I promise, DanishBoy, I'm not just using you for your gifted fingers.)

Anyway, I just love going. I always get something out of the lesson, and then I get to socialize in an environment that is just filled to the brim with love.

Jacob and I went to the Instrumental Showcase last night on campus. It was really fun to go on an official date with him, and he was fabulous company. I loved that he listened and enjoyed the concert, that he knew some of the pieces before they were played, and that I could have an intelligent musical conversation with him about it afterwards. It was a good concert too. There were things I didn't like, but there was plenty that I did like. Peas was in the Wind Symphony and she was amazing. Her group was my favorite.

The fire alarm went off during the third piece of the concert. The piece happened to be Ghost Train by Eric Whitacre, and the alarm went off at the most intense part. The best part of this was, though, was that immediately after the piece ended (and it ended quite dramatically) the fire announcement said, "Please evacuate the building." Everyone laughed, including the conductor, who had hardly had time to drop his hands. It was funny, until the entire contents of the DeJong concert hall attempted to exit the HFAC all at once. Then it was just annoying.

We got SmartCookie after though, which is always good.

PS I've almost reached 200 posts. Holy. Crap.


Blogger Potentate said...

Haha, I had my guitar class that night. Good ole fire alarm. Also, I've had that Reliant K refrain in my head for days--not the whole song, 'cause I don't know it--just that part.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Stephalumpagus said...

I love that you got the Reliant K allusion. I love that song.

5:01 PM  

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