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Monday, November 19, 2007


I'm at the Clyde building waiting for my group to come do a quick lab with me. I had to leave FHE a little bit early, and I was actually sorry to do so. My "family" is really cool--all of them are nice and even though I've only been to one other FHE this semester I felt really comfortable with them.

One girl was all asking questions about my life and I was sort of surprised at how much she knew. Then I remembered that she's in the RS presidency and I figured that was why. But it she seemed genuinely interested.

We made turkeys out paper. You know, where you trace your hand on paper and cut it out. It was fun. I'm going to give mine to Jacob like I'm a five-year-old.

I was the first to leave. Everyone thanked me for coming and encouraged me to try to come more often. I think I will.


Blogger Klobas said...

I relish my Winter 2006 record of skipping FHE 100% of the semester.

7:09 PM  

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