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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sometimes I get discouraged with visiting teaching. The lesson may be boring, or the teachers may seem like they're just there because they have to be. And I admit, I'm not the best visiting teacher. Sometimes it just seems like a big hassle.

And then there's Tricia. I have never had a visiting teacher like her. She was my VT during spring semester, and now that she's RS president, she made sure that she was my VT again.

She's one of those girls that I just clicked with immediately. I thought it was kind of funny actually, that I would click with someone like her--she's blonde, bubbly, social, very girly, sometimes ditsy--a combination of qualities that would normally annoy.

But she's different. We can carry on a conversation for a great length of time. She dishes out compliments like there's no tomorrow, but it's never fake. She really means her compliments. I also can tell that she greatly enjoys visiting me. She pays attention to my life, checks up on me, insisted on meeting Jacob... And I know she prays for me.

I asked her to say the opening prayer tonight. I was incredibly grateful for the prayer she offered in my behalf, asking the Lord to help me, thanking God for my blessings, and thanking him for blessing her life and the lives of others through me. Some of the things she said in the prayer were things I hadn't specifically told her. And when someone loves you enough that she'll listen to the promptings of the Spirit and pray sincerely for you...well...that's just amazing.

She always leaves me with a hug and an "I love you." I wave good-bye, suddenly wanting to be a better person and thinking that she'll never know the gift she has or how she has made my life a little sweeter just by being in it.


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