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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm a little bit sad today. For various reasons and for no reason at all. I'm bored. I miss Jacob. Jacob went and saw a movie last night that I had hoped to go see with him. Sunshine is back and I haven't seen her. My mom made cookies this morning without me. My friends all have jobs. I always feel like a twelve-year-old when I'm here. I'm cold. I'm bored. I miss Jacob.

I'm complaining and repeating myself.

Le sigh. It's really no big deal; this invariably happens at least once when I'm home. It's just lame. I feel like a little kid sometimes when I'm here. You know, always asking what's going on, having to use someone else's car, living on someone else's schedule instead of my own, etc.

And why am I cold? It's 69 degrees in this house. I'm in California--it's supposed to be warm! And it really isn't that cold outside, but for some reason (*cough* my dad is insane *cough*) it's freezing INSIDE my house.

Okay sorry I'm complaining. I really am happy to be here. I'm just feeling lame and I felt like getting it out of my system.


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