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Monday, January 14, 2008


Saturday was definitely the best day of the year so far. It's going to be tough to beat.

Jacob and I were celebrating our fourth monthiversary of dating. We got up early, had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then went shopping (although we didn't buy anything). After shopping, we got some lunch at Subway. Then we headed over to Rock Canyon Park in our snow clothes and went sledding. It was awesome!!! I was sort of scared at first, but I got better. I even went down on my stomach!!!

By the time we got home I was sufficiently wet and my hair was no longer straight. We changed clothes and got started on making Oreo balls (1 pack oreos crushed, 8 oz cream cheese, stir together evenly, roll into balls, cover in melted chocolate, chill) which turned out great.

We were really hungry after sledding, so we went to this great Mexican place on Center Street called Joe Vera's. Jacob's friend "Means Hot" was working there so she was our server. It was a lot of really tasty food, and it wasn't that expensive either.

As if we hadn't had enough fun, we headed up to Seven Peaks to go ice skating. I'm not very good at staying balanced, so I was clinging to Jacob the whole time. He is actually quite good at ice skating; lucky for me he didn't mind going slow. I got my sea legs eventually though and it wasn't too bad. I even went around a couple of times by myself.

Finally we decided to rest our bodies so we went to the dollar theater to watch "Dan in Real Life." It was a really good movie even though it was really sad most of the time. There were some funny parts though.

After the movie we said goodnight and went our separate ways. It was a really really great day.


Blogger Klobas said...

The Fiestaraunt. I've wanted to try it.

7:41 PM  

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