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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Every time I go to write a blog I don't know what to say, or I remember something else I have to do, or I get bored, or class ends...

Anyway, sorry I disappeared for a while.

Life is good. Really good actually. It feels like I'm crazy busy, but most of it is fun stuff. Even some of my classes are fun. My harp arrived from California with my grandparents today. We haven't had a chance to move it downstairs yet, but hopefully tomorrow we can. Then I can tune it and play!

Being married is like living in a fairy tale. Well, most of the time. I still have to go to school and work and rehearsal and we have more bills to pay and all of that jazz, but being married to Jacob is fantastic. Sometimes I just wonder how I ever made it this far in life, how I found someone so amazing to marry, how he loves me more than anything. I'm happy.

Sometimes life is frustrating. You know, not having a permanent home, not having a real job, all the stuff that comes with being a college kid. But we're doing well and we're on our way into the real world. Plus Jacob is so fun and he makes me laugh so I never stay frustrated for long.

Oh yeah and I got into the El Ed program at BYU. Yay! I'm not a "pre" major person anymore. One step closer.

Yay for life. Call me sometime.


Blogger Amber said...

Your ALIVE!!! Hey Girl! How are you? I don't think we've talked since before you got married. We definitely need to get together sometime.

8:56 PM  

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