The way things are

Life is a really hard game. The pieces keep falling out of those teeny little cars!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm supposed to be working on our lesson for church tomorrow (Jacob and I teach the Sunbeams in our ward), but I thought I'd post a quick blog first. You know, just random things I'm thinking about.

I think there are people out there who read blogs and make comments just because they want to criticize. I just deleted a comment from my "Friends" post because Anonymous (another hilarity--I mean if you're going to criticize me, at least tell me who you are) was upset that I was being hurtful and that I shouldn't judge my friends. If you knew or understood me, you would know I was just venting frustration.

Other thoughts. My neck has a crick in it. Probably my least favorite type of injury. I've actually posted on the topic before.

I just figured out how to put hyperlinks into my blog text (something I've always wondered how to do but never wanted to ask anyone because I would feel stupid). Unfortunately I can't find the post on neck-injuries that I wanted to link.

Jacob's coming to pick me up right now. And I didn't do any of the lesson. Blast.

Monday, November 17, 2008


There are two main reasons I hate debating politics:

1) Contention. Arguing, even respectfully debating, always leaves me in a bad mood. No one is going to change his/her mind, no one is going to prove anything, and everyone is going to end up with higher blood pressure in the end. And when both sides are very passionate, feelings can be hurt and friends can be lost. Basically, debates are an effective way to get real flustered real quick.

2) Logic. When it comes to the big, belief-testing political issues, logic is rarely on my side. Obviously that makes me look like a self-righteous bigot or whatever they're calling us these days. I know it does. I know that most people don't understand personal revelation, or a firm believe in supporting Church leaders. I know most people think it's "blind faith" when I believe without knowing all of the reasons why.

Personal conviction and faith are very real to me, and I believe the combination of the two to be a lot firmer an argument than human logic. To me, logic has little to do with faith, except to add to an already present validity. All I know is I have a testimony of the Gospel. I have a testimony that marriage is an eternal principle not to be taken lightly. I have a testimony that the leaders of the Church receive and act upon revelation. And I know that the Gospel has always brought me peace and has never brought me sorrow.

Sometimes I don't have a plethora of logical reasons for my beliefs. That's because it's not about logic for me. I think human logic is too limited to trust in. I put my faith and trust in the Lord.

That's why I hate politics.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I've been thinking about my friends lately and how much flakiness bothers me when it comes to friendship. I mean, if I know you have nothing planned on a Friday night and I ask you to hang out, how am I supposed to feel when you choose not to? Or how about if I ask you weeks in advance to hang out and continually remind you about it, and then at the last moment you choose to do something else? Especially when "you" is someone I consider a close friend?

So we have the flakes--those friends you can't count on to be there, whether or not you ask them in advance. And of course they don't plan in advance so they won't be calling you to hang out either.

Where does a friendship like that go? I don't like it when friendships peter out due to neglect, but am I responsible to carry a friendship on my own? Is that really friendship? And should I just let it slide when a friend bales on me?

I know everyone flakes on someone at some point, but I'm talking repeated offenses here. I don't need someone to hang out with every day or every week, I just need someone who will make an effort when I want to get together with them. I want friends who will pick up the ball right where we left off, whether it's been days or months or years. And yes, I have many friends like this, and I love and appreciate them. If you're reading this, you're definitely not a flake.

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to see what happens with these friends in the long run.